Welcome.  Our company specializes in providing affordable Florida Insurance throughout the sunshine state.

One of the issues that people have pertains to bankruptcies and people often call us to ask us if it is possible to find insurance coverage in Florida, when one has had to undergo bankruptcy proceedings.

The answer to this question is yes, but premium costs may be higher.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a payment plan where the courts decide what expenses are valid and what are not.

Help avoid filing Chapter 13 Bankruptcy with our program and save your credit report from a bankruptcy mark and having the stigma of having filed Chapter 13 Bankruptcy for the rest of your life! Apply now!

With our Credit Card Debt Settlement / Credit Card Debt Negotiation services, fix your bad debt history. We can help you to have peace of mind from the stress of credit card debts, unsecured loans, medical bills, and other bad debts with Credit Card Debt Settlement.

Our credit card debt settlement and debt negotiation services work directly for you with your creditors (credit cards, unsecured loans, medical bills, etc.):

Reduce the principal amount of debt by 20-70%.

Pay back your debts for an amount you can afford as opposed to what creditors are demanding.

Have relief from harassing creditor calls.

Our expert and experienced credit card debt settlement and debt negotiation services will assist you in taking the right step towards becoming debt-free.

If you feel you are overwhelmed with debt, tired of harassing phone calls or just like the convenience of one monthly payment, our credit card debt settlement services can help you. Find out how an experienced credit card debt negotiation partner can help you to settle your debts for up to 70% of the balance owed. All debt negotiations and settlements are designed to protect your credit rating and a settled debt is always better than a charged off or unpaid debt. Preserve your finances. Avoid bankruptcy. Apply for a Credit Card Debt Settlement plan online, just fill out the form above.

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